10+ CLASSIC Phones & Phones Cases We ALL Probably Owned When We Were Younger

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Do you remember those things called phone cases that we never really needed? But we could do with nowadays and never use? Yeah, it’s a weird world of marketing and sales.

I can almost guarantee if you was alive during this era and was lucky enough to possess a Nokia 3310 you will have owned one of these cases.

1. The ‘Cannabis Case’

I reckon half the lads who owned this phone case had probably never even seen a bag of weed. This phone case screamed “I’m a d*ckhead” really, let’s face it. Come on… Own up if you had this one, we’re all guilty of doing cringe things when we were younger.


2. Mickey & Minnie

I doubt you could even break these phones without a case. Why did they have so many? There was literally thousands of different Nokia 3310 phone cases around. What ever theme you wanted you could get.


3. Tigger

The Winnie the Pooh phone cases were probably the most popular Nokia 3310 cases among girls. There was always a dodgy geezer who sold these cases on the side of a market every Saturday for a fiver.


4. Coca-Cola

Talk about having a busy looking phone case. I don’t understand how people could text with this phone case on, it was far too bright and annoying.


5. Piglet

Were you a piglet, eeyore or winniw the pooh kind of girl? All three of them had their own case but which one did you choose?


6. The ‘Light Up’ Case

So, this case was around in what? 2002? A phone case that lit up when your phone rang was so cool at the time. 15 years on and we’ve got phones that can talk to us and phone cases to help us achieve the best selfie.


7. Will Young… Yes Will Young

I didn’t even know this existed and I reckon I would have been better off not knowing. Let’s just skip past this one shall we? I’m still not over the fact he won and Gareth Gates didn’t.


8. Flake

Nothing screams, I’m a chocolate addict more than this phone case does it. I’m pretty sure half the kids in my class had this case in year 6 but I don’t know why? Look at it!!!


9. Guinness

A typical ‘dad’ phone case for those boozy old men who loved nothing more than a cold pint after work. I can’t really imagine any of us young ones would have had one of these…


10. England Case

I can imagine these cases sold a lot more around the world cup even if we never won…Did anyone have any other countries?


11. Christina Aguilera

So when we were younger we had the likes of Christina Aguilera, JLo, The Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child to obsess about. A lot of us had a phone case with our favourite singer or band on but for me, it had to be The Spice Girls. Anything Spice Girls I could get my hands on, I would, including a Nokia 3310 case.


12. Betty Boop

Betty Boop was one of those phone cases you got from a market stall when you were on holiday with your family and they gave you some pocket money to spend on something you wanted. We never bought anything useful anyway!


13. Sony Ericsson Cyber Shot

When a 5-megapixel camera was AMAZING. Well, nowadays it’d be bloody awful, but back in 2007 a 5-megapixel camera on a phone was amazing. Sony Ericsson phones were all the rage for about 2/3 years, especially the walkman and cyber-shot ones.


14. Diamante case.

The more gems the better that’s what we thought. Nothing screamed chav more than a phone case like this did it! Blackberries seem so ancient now don’t they, we didn’t even have apps on them did we?


15. Silicone Blackberry case.

So, when everyone started to become obsessed with blackberries, these covers started to sell out on eBay. They protected your phone from the many, many falls it was going to experience and it was squishy. I mean, who doesn’t love a squishy phone case?


16. Nokia 3310 case.

Another typical dad case. I mean, it’s not as if the Nokia 3310 would ever break if it got dropped on the floor, but my dad made sure nothing could ever damage his precious phone with this dreadful case.


17. LG flip up case.

This was the case mums always insisted on you getting when you got your first touch screen phone so you didn’t smash your phone when you dropped it. I always refused and then smashed my phone about two weeks after getting it.



18. LG Chocolate.

We all loved this phone, didn’t we!? This was one that every single bad boy had when they were younger. Who had one of these? They were actually so popular among every teenager at one point!

19. Samsung X830

This had to be one of the most impractical phones that were about at this time. It was so skinny… so no people with fat thumbs could actually work this phone properly. This didn’t stop everyone wanting it though.

20. Sony Ericsson W810

This was the best Walkman ever. You got to store so many good songs onto it! Then you got to bluetooth all the songs you had to all your friends. Wasn’t bluetooth the best app on your phone!

21. Nokia 6111

Every single girl had one of these! The pink Nokia was one of the coolest ones about. Remember when your phones used to slide up and weren’t completely touch screen!

22. Nokia 7373

This was my favourite phone of all time. It used to be on all the music videos that we watched! I wish that these were still cool and normal to use! But, I still use this as my backup phone when my current one breaks!

23. LG Cookie

There was one Christmas that every single kid got one of these as their presents! It was because these were the first android phones that were actually affordable! I had the pink one.. did anyone else!?

24. LG KS360

This is the coolest phone. Another one that was shown in nearly every music video of the time because they were cool. One of my friends had this phone and I used to be so jealous of her! I wish that I could have had this phone!

25. Motorola Razr

This was another one of those phones that everyone had at once. They were so cool! I wish that flip up phones were still in… they were so much more fun than boring old touch screens.

26. Sony Ericsson W5801

This orange delight was one of the best phones. All the rebels had this one didn’t they! I remember everyone had the likes of Akon and N-Dubz onto theirs and we used to bluetooth each other their songs!

27. Samsung D500

Remember the attachable speaker that you could have as a phone charm onto the phone? I loved this one. This was a really simple phone but I loved this so much. Who else had this!?

28. Nokia 3220.

This phone was as indestructible as the Nokia 3310 I think. It had those silicone bits on the side of it that lit up when someone rang you and if you dropped it, it pretty much bounced off the floor. There was no breaking this bad boy even if you wanted to.


29. iPhone 3.

So, this was the first iPhone ever made in 2008, not everyone had this iPhone, because it cost the same as a small house but it changed everything and it paved the way for everything we know now. It did still have horrendous battery, just like every other iPhone ever made.


30. Blackberry Pearl.

That Blackberry with that annoying scroller that used to break about a month after getting the phone. Yep, remember it? It was probably your first blackberry, or you knew someone who had it and all they did was complain about the stupid scroller on it.

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