10 Awkward Photoshop Disasters

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We all know that most magazines edit their photos to make their models look that extra bit perfect and quite frankly, to make the rest of us feel like s***.

And most of us have attempted to edit our own selfies before posting them to social media, to make our waist a tiny bit slimmer, hips just a tad curvier and our teeth a little whiter. After all, we are only doing what everyone else does!

But have you ever seen a friend’s photo on Instagram and realised the photoshop was so extreme that she looked like a completely different person? Yeah, it’s always a bit awkward.

We have compiled 10 of the worst photoshop disasters which have actually been published! From ridiculously long legs to models with no armpits, we are calling out these companies for doing such a terrible job of retouching their photos! And some of them are hard to believe!


1. The things we do for smooth legs…

There’s just no reasonable explanation as to why Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have absolute no knees in this front cover of W Magazine. Is the surgical removal of the knee a real form of plastic surgery and are these the lengths we have to go to to achieve pins like these?

2. Two is better than one, right?

Girl band Fifth Harmony all look gorgeous in their black bodysuits. However, singer Ally Brooke looks a little uncomfortable sporting two right feet.



Britney Spears, we know your music is magic, but this is another level of spooky. How are you both in the pool and at the side of it too? Either your can float on water or the curve in your back is just not that curvy.


4. We understand edited teeth, but edited crotch?

The Kardashian’s are infamous for changing their bodies and editing their photos to achieve unachievable results. But here, don’t you think Khloe’s crotch looks a bit… strange?


5. Oooops!

We’re not encouraging you to inspect ASOS model’s bodies, but if you look a little closer, this poor girl appears to have lost her vagina. We know modelling is a tough business, but we didn’t realise just how sad it can be.


6. Mum, what big legs you have

Catalog photos are known for being a bit crappy. But who knew, they actually have editors to photoshop their crappy images. This friendly, caring Christmas mum is looking a little bit taller than we suspect she is. And it looks pretty sinister. She doesn’t actually need her stairs to get upstairs.


7. New York Magazine your’re fooling no one

On her 44th birthday (left), we think Gwyneth Paltrow is looking pretty hot! A few weeks later, in New York Magazine, Gwyneth’s stomach seems to have suddenly reduced in size and drastically changed in shape. Oh, and her legs have got thinner and her boobs have got smaller. A birthday miracle!


8. Smooth armpits = beauty

If you want to be beautiful, there’s one thing you MUST do. Remove your armpits. We don’t know how. Or even why. But it is absolutely essential to get them gone.


9. Ho ho ho!

When your three aunties just refuse to get into the festive spirit. Photoshopping their Christmas cheer is always a winner.


10. Are your boots knee length or leg length?

These legs make us question everything we see in life. Either this lady has broken the world record for the longest shins ever or this shoe company are attempting to pull the wool over our eyes.


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