22 Photos That Are So Uncomfortable You Probably Won’t Finish Scrolling

This is why I just use pens.There is just something about broken patterns, imperfect symmetry and flawed elements that seem to bother all of us! Even if you’re not a perfectionist, our brains just seem to prefer things that are correctly ordered in a nice way. Not to mention how annoying things not in the correct place can be.

To show you what we’re talking about, we have compiled a list of annoying photos that are guaranteed to drive you up the wall!

Here are 22 photos that are so uncomfortable you probably won’t finish scrolling. Enjoy!

1. Just take a look at this guys laptop.

I don’t know why but this annoys me so much, regardless if it’s my laptop or not!

This Guys Laptop On My Flight

How can he ever find where anything is with a desktop like that?

Real housewives of Atlanta awkward real housewives rhoa nene leakes GIF

2.Ok… Now, who’s idea was this?

Non-stick frying pan, really? Great selling technique Tesco…

Seriously... Whose Idea was This?

3. This grass grew right through this aloe vera plant.

Ok fair enough, this looks so cool!

This Grass Grew Right Through My Aloe

4. Take a look at this triangular lift.

This is uncomfortable on so many levels! This must literally fit one person, maximum.

I Took A Ride In A Triangular Elevator Today

I think I’ll definitely be taking the stairs…

 elevator GIF

5. This door makes me ridiculously uncomfortable.

I don’t know if this is a mistake or done on purpose. Although it makes me feel uncomfortable, I sort of like it.

This Door In North London Makes Me Hideously Uncomfortable

But you do have to feel sorry for the mailman…

Cheezburger fail cheezburger classic door GIF

6. This seriously hurts my brain.

This is not ok by any means! You’d have to move immediately if you spotted that.

Been Living Here For 5 Years, Only Noticed Today...Time To Move

7. I think this would make me feel a little uncomfortable.

How is this supposed to make visiting the dentist any more fun?

I Think This Would Make Me Feel Uncomfortable

Look how creepy they look!

 dentist GIF

8. Just take a look at this parking lot in Romania.

This could be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen! There are markings on the road for a reason, so why park like that?

Parking Lot In Romania

I guess once one person did it they all decided too!

 parking GIF

9. This makes me feel uneasy.

This surely can’t be a real cup holder? I can’t believe this person would actually risk putting their Coke like this.

This Makes Me Uncomfortable

All it takes is one-speed bump and it’s everywhere!

 fail xd coke coca cola mentos GIF

10. When pencils do this garbage…

I’ll tell you what’s even worse! When you sharpen them nice and well, but they – not break – but SLIP out of the pencil as soon as you place the tip on the paper…

When Pencils Do This Garbage

This is why I just use pens.

RealityTVGIFs smile britney spears awkward britney GIF

11. This sink is out of sync.

This really is the worst fail so far! Who was actually stupid enough to do this?

This Sink Is Out Of Sync

12. Who did this!

This is just wrong. Talk about ruining a nice pie!

Had A Friendsgiving Last Night. I Forgot I'm Friends With Wild Animals

Obviously, somebody doesn’t like the crusts…

 meme tumblr what omg memes GIF

13. I don’t want to see what those bookmarks represent…

What’s even worse is the fact that they are colour coded!

My Moms Copy Of Fifty Shades Of Grey. I Dare Not Look At What Those Bookmarks Represent

Green: need to try, Red: done it, yellow: need to research and orange: need to buy X equipment…

 awkward french shrug nod unimpressed GIF

14. Take a look at the way this loaf of bread has been sliced.

“How’s the diet going?” “Excellent, I’m only eating one slice of bread a day now”.

My Loaf Of Bread Was Sliced The Wrong Way

15. This toilet has a lift inside…

“Oops…sorry, wrong floor.”

This Toilet Stall Has An Elevator Inside

16. Imagine biting into this? I wouldn’t take the risk…

I think we can all see the mouse shape on top of that muffin!

Was About To Bite Into This Today. And Then I Saw It

Question is, what’s actually inside it…

 tv no scared awkward the office GIF

17. Look at this stock image of a girl soldering her hand.

The awkward moment when you try to look smart but you accidentally screw it up…

This Stock Image Of A Girl Soldering Her Hand

18. This guy’s earphones are bothering me.

This is killing me! How can he use the headphones knowing that they are tangled like that!

This Guy's Earbuds Situation Is Bothering Me On A Deep Personal Level

Not just that, he’s using the left ear bud in his right ear…

 tangled headphones earbuds earphones cords GIF

19. You had one job…

The person who did this definitely did it to annoy everybody and hasn’t he done a good job…

One Job. You Had One Job

Why would anybody do this?

 arrested development uncomfortable tobias david cross tobias funke GIF

20. This oven top…

This is just wrong, so wrong! It’s making me feel too uncomfortable.

This Stovetop

21. Why is the seat smaller than the bowl?

If the seat is too small why would you leave it on, there really is no need!

The Seat Is Smaller Than The Bowl

22. Why? Just why?

I think this one speaks for itself. It really does hurt my brain!

For All Perfectionism Enthusiasts Out There

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