19 Things Most Women Have Done On Their Period But Don't Talk About

Those always night pads won’t even help you…It’s that time of the month again…

1. Been genuinely scared that you’ve bled all over the chair you’ve been sat on.

Checking every seat you sit on when you’re on your period to make sure you haven’t somehow bled all over them.

Even checking the gym equipment after you’ve been sat there.

2. Wore two pairs of undies instead of just one when you’re super heavy so no over spills can happen.

It’s better to be safe than sorry I suppose.

3. Got hair stuck on the side of your pad and ripped them off.


4. Worn two pads to double up.

If two pairs of undies aren’t enough, two pads should definitely be. Anyone with a “heavy flow” will understand this, especially at night.

Those always night pads won’t even help you…

5. Got out the shower and found blood splats on the floor.

When you’re on really heavy, you literally can’t take your pants off for two minutes without you leaking somewhere.

6. Flushed a toilet multiple times to get rid of the blood stains in the loo.

Blood stained toilets….not a good look.

7. Sat and wondered if the blood is stuck in between your bum cheeks or you’re just a bit sweaty.

That gross feeling when you can sense the blood has trickled elsewhere, trying to escape.

That’s when tampons come in handy, but when you’re not a fan of wearing them, you’ve not really got any other choice.

8. Asked your friends to check the back of you for any leaks.

And then walked around for the rest of the day with a cardigan or something wrapped around your waist if you have leaked.

9. Had the shits.

Pooped an abnormal amount because you’re on your period.

Why do we poo so much more? I don’t get it.

10. Use toilet rolls as a make shift pad because you’ve forgotten your pads/tampons.

And it usually works for about half an hour. It’s better than risking it, isn’t it?

11. Smuggled a pad or tampon down your bra or up your sleeve in work on your way to the bathroom.

When you’re in an office, you don’t really want to whip your pad out of your bag in front of everyone do you.

So the only thing left to do is smuggle it somewhere on yourself.

12. Genuinely felt like Niagra Falls is going out of your va-jay-jay.

How gross is it when you stand up after being sat down for a long time & feeling the blood coming out of you.

It’s like a warm waterfall is soaking your trousers. Not cool.

13. Rearranged your pad out of your bum cheek in public.

There’s nothing worse than walking around all day with a sweaty horrible pad stuck between your bum cheeks, especially on a hot summers day.

14. Panicked that you already had a tampon in when you haven’t.

Who’s forgotten if they had a tampon in? It’s an easy thing to do when you’re busy especially!

You can just completely forget what you did with it & that’s without any alcohol.


15. Worn a pad/tampon longer than you should.

Sometimes you just forget that you’ve had them on/in for more than four hours. Especially when you’re out having fun.

16. Woken up after a heavy night of drinking & forgotten if you’ve taken your tampon out.

Hands up whose taken themselves to A&E because they’ve forgotten if they took their tampon out the night before?

It’s a pretty embarrassing experience, I’ll tell you that…

17. Only wore dark colours on your bottom half for at least the first three days of your period.

It has to be done really. Unless you have super light periods most people wouldn’t dare to wear anything too light on the bottom half when they’re on.

White jeans in summer? No chance!

18. Wondered how the hell blood got to the back of your bum.

How does it get back there though? Seriously! Even when you spend the entire day sat down upright, it somehow manages to fine its way to the back of your pants and ruins them.

It also looks like you’ve shit yourself too…

19. Thought it was over, stopped wearing pads/tampons and leaked all over your pants.

It happens to the best of us. You’ve felt genuinely thrilled when you see the dark red blood, then it stops & you think huraaaaay!

You can wear your nice undies again and them BOOM blood again.

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