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You Could Risk Being Fined If You Don’t Pay Attention To These Codes On Your Driving License. Here’s Why!

By Ciara1 on July 16, 2017


Have you ever really paid attention to those letters, numbers and symbols on the back of your driver’s license? I know I haven’t.


In all the time you’ve held your license, you’ve probably taken a look at it a handful of times, usually to laugh at the photo of yourself on the front of it. As long as that’s still on there, it doesn’t really matter, does it!

Well, you thought wrong…

We know that on the front is your name, address, date of birth and signature and on the back, there is a load of letters and numbers we don’t really understand. They’re there for you to pay attention to. The codes on the back of your license could land you with a fine and even penalty points if you don’t actually know what they mean.

section 12 of the driver’s license is all about ‘information codes’ which relate to rules and regulations about what vehicles you can drive and how etc. Having 01 on your license means that you have been informed that you need to be wearing glasses or contact lenses when drriving. That is the most common code and you MUST wear them. If you’re stopped by the police and found not to be wearing them, you could be landed with a £100 fine on the spot. These fines are actually rare and it’s more likely to end up in court where you could be charged A LOT more. When I say a lot more, I mean 50% of your weekly salary.

So it is VERY important that you update your DVLA on any changes to your eyesight and this includes laser eye surgery.


Other offences include: 02 – hearing or communication aid; 40 – modified steering; 101 – not for hire or reward; 105 – vehicle not more than 5.5 metres long; 106 – restricted to automatic vehicles; 10-7 – not more than 8,250kg; 111 – limited to 16 passenger seats; 115 -organ donor; 122 – valid on successful completion (basic moped training).

Laura Newton, a motoring law expert at Rothera Sharp, said: “Failing to update something can be an offence but that’s just a financial penalty.

“If you are not driving in accordance with the categories it’s like not having L-plates on your car as a learner.

“That is when it becomes an endorsable offence.”

If you take a look at the back of your license, the numbers 9, 10 and 11 relate to the type of vehicle you’re eligible to drive and for how long. It’s just as important to keep your photo up-to-date because if you’re stopped and your photo doesn’t look enough like you, you could be fined and made to change it. There are a lot of laws for driving on the road that people don’t even know exist so it’s very important to read up on them because they could get you into trouble otherwise.