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Pack Your Bags Because You Can Stay At The Real ‘Dirty Dancing’ Resort

By Ciara1 on July 14, 2017


You won’t actual believe your eyes or ears, but you can now stay at the ‘Virginia Cottage’ where Baby stayed all those years ago.



If you are a fan of this iconic film, which 99% of the population is, then you have definitely fantasied about your own Baby and Johnny moment. We all agree that it’d be ridiculously fun to join ‘family-camp’ and spend a full vacation there.

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After all wandering off into a daydream every now and then about spending a summer like Baby did, your dreams could finally be coming true.

The producers chose this special spot in Virginia to film the scenes for Dirty Dancing because it had a retro feel about it, with one of the buildings being around since the 30s!

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The Kellerman Resort doesn’t actually exist, but the resort where the majority of the 1987 film was filmed does!

This resort is the Mountain Lake Lodge in Virginia. The hotel, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, is the place where the majority of Dirty Dancing was filmed.

Virginia Cottage at Mountain Lake Lodge


The resort was renovated back in 2012 and offers people Dirty Dancing-themed weekends away. This includes the likes of a walking tour, actual dancing lessons and a watermelon toss… you even have the opportunity to stay in the exact cabin Baby and her family stayed throughout the film!


So, do you feel like creating your own Dirty Dancing love story? Well, now you can! Although, we aren’t sure if the workers are as good looking as our Patrick.