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Why You Should Never Ignore This Dashboard Light

By Ciara1 on July 16, 2017


A lot of people choose to ignore their dashboard lights when they come on. People show a concerning lack of care when it comes to maintaining their vehicle. A study showed drivers around the UK continue to drive their car despite the dashboard showing signs of potential fault.

The study was conducted by online car repair marketplace ClickMechanic. As many as 29% of drivers do not act immediately when their engine check light comes on. Has this ever happened to you?


Ignoring your engine check light might sound like nothing, but it could put you in significant risk and you could damage your car further if it’s not immediately resolved.

Young drivers were more likely to ignore an engine issue with only 62% of drivers in the 18-54 age range acting on the light immediately.

Andrew Jervis, Co-Founder of ClickMechanic, said: “The check engine light is designed to alert the driver to what could be a serious problem with the engine and, as such, it should always be dealt with immediately.

“The longer the driver waits to investigate, the more likely the problem will affect the car itself.

“Whilst this survey indicates that most drivers are aware of this, 1 in 3 will still wait to deal with the issue; even if it is a week later, this will potentially affect everyone’s safety on the road and could substantially increase the cost to repair.”

Results of the survey showed Cardiff, Sheffield and Leeds took the top spot for having the highest percentage of drivers that’ll immediately address an engine light. With Norwich being ranked the worst with only 59% of drivers acting immediately.


Belfast had the highest number of drivers ignoring the light completely with a total of 10% admitting to doing so.