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Here Are 17 Things You’ll Only See In China. Wait Until You See The Last One

By Ciara1 on July 14, 2017


If you were looking for reasons to travel to China, this article may not be for you!

Here are the top 17 things you will only ever see in China. Enjoy!


1. A giant tiger on a leash, taking a photo with a baby…

I really don’t know how this is actually a thing? Going to a zoo is one thing and actually taking a photo with a killer animal like a tiger is another! How is this even legal?!


2. People fishing for bears…

I really don’t know what is going on here, using fishing rods with black bears. Really?


3. Crazy daredevils attempting this.

Where are the health and safety regulations? One guy is riding a bike on the thinnest wire whilst the other guy is clinging on to a ladder, with Tigers underneath them… I’m speechless.


4. Plane faulty? No problem!

Passengers here were asked to get out of the plane and push it because it was faulty! I am pretty sure in any other country this wouldn’t be allowed, only in China…


5. Truck on a truck on a…

I have never seen anything like it in my life! A truck carrying an endless amount trucks on it… Wow!!


6. This unfortunate (but inevitable) result.

I wonder what happened here! I do hope anyone that involved is safe, but how did they manage to do that? The thought of that drop makes me feel sick…

lorry over gorge2

7. Carpool?

This picture is wrong on two levels! Firstly, why are there 5 people on this motorbike? How do they even turn the corner, it must be impossible! Secondly, the driver is on his phone as well whilst he’s riding! Ban this man off the road…


8. Casually napping on a chain.

Well, this doesn’t look like the most comfortable place to take a nap! How does he even balance himself on the chain?


9. I wonder what mystery meat the G stands for.

KFG? Really! This is definitely one of the worst fast food rip offs I’ve ever seen!


10. Seriously…

I thought KFG couldn’t be beaten, but it instantly has! Obama Friend Chicken, this is wrong on so many levels! Has to be considered racist right?


11. Street food delicacies on a stick.

There have been many weird things on the list so far, but this one tops the lot! Starfish on a stick? Who even knew that was a thing?


12. And scorpions on a stick.

If you thought Starfish on a stick was bad, it gets worse… Scorpions on a stick! I have never heard of anything viler in my life, how can people just snack on this?


13. Some of the things that you find at a Chinese supermarket…

Live frogs are available to buy at local supermarkets! Why on earth would anybody want to buy a live frog for…


14. Live eels.

If you didn’t think it could get any worse, they also sell live eels! I just really can’t imagine why anybody would want to walk into a supermarket and buy such a thing.


15. Live sharks…

I literally can’t understand this! Live sharks as well! What even are those worm looking things? Ew.


16. A whole lot of rice!


Just look how much rice they have! It’s as simple as getting a bag and scooping as much rice as you want! We definitely need something like this here.


17. A mountain of pure gold bars…

I have never seen anything like it in my life! Just a mountain of gold bars, laying there in the middle of the store! I wonder how much one them cost…


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