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If You Have Any Of These Beanie Babies You Can Retire Now

By Ciara1 on July 17, 2017


If you were born in the 90s or grew up throughout the 90s then you will be fully aware of Beanie Babies.


These were a huge craze from the 90s and we all used to save up our pocket money so we could go and buy them.

Made by American company Ty inc. the company designed the bead-filled animals in an attempt to create more realistic looking toys. They felt that the stuffed toys of the past were dated and their inability to flex and hold a position was a limitation. There then, the first Beanie Baby was born.

Originally, 9 beanie babies were made and sold in 1994. These were: Legs the Frog, Squealer the Pig, Spot the Dog, Flash the Dolphin, Splash the Whale, Chocolate the Moose, Patti the Platypus, Brownie the Bear (later renamed “Cubbie”), and Pinchers the Lobster (with some tag errors with “Punchers”).

We were initially slow to buy into the craze. In their first year of sales the bean filled toys weren’t doing too well and many retailers were reluctant to buy them. Things changed however when, in 1995, youngsters in Chicago began to see their appeal. Months later the craze for Beanie Babies had gripped the world and the toys were flying off shelves.

In December 1999, Ty inc. stopped manufacturing Beanie Babies due to slowing sales. However, there was a demand for these toys to keep being produced and, listening to their customer’s requests, the company began manufacturing once again with their first toy of 2000 called ‘The Beginning’.

This demand for the company to keep making the Bears was a hint that these items were one day likely to become collectables.

Even back then, people were aware that these popular toys were likely to become collectors items one day. With this in mind, Beanie Baby owners became very cautious to keep the plastic cap on their toys’ tags – as this was rumoured to increase their value.

It was a decision that made sense – we all know that pristine items sell more than those that are damaged. It was also a very wise decision because if you own certain Beanie Babies with a pristine tag you could be sitting on a gold mine!

We know that sometimes some things become more valuable the older they get. Amazingly, there are some Beanie Babies that are worth an absolute fortune now… and you would have had no idea they were worth this much when you bought them. So, are you sat on a Beanie Baby fortune?

Here are six Beanie Babies that you could sell on for a ridiculous amount of money…

1. First Edition Princess Diana

This was an infamous Beanie Babie that has been highly regarded by any collectors and understandably so. The Beanie Baby is in memory of the late Princess Diana.

Famously, one couple managed to find one of these at a garage sale for just $12… they then turned this into $25,000 when they sold it online.

Image result for beanie baby princess diana

Three of these super-rare Beanie Babies are currently on Ebay for an amazing $652,000.

From the day of writing, there are 472 people watching these items!

2. Piccadilly Attic

This clown-themed Beanie Babie is worth a hefty amount. If you own one and he is still in mint condition (remember, tags in tact), then you can be expecting a hefty lump sum coming your way from collectors.

Image result for beanie baby piccadilly attic

If you have this bear with the tag still intact then you are in for a treat. A near-mint Picadilly Attic plushie is currently on sale got $249,000 on eBay!

3. Bernie the Dog with a Double Tag

The normal Bernie the Dog Beanie Baby can get you around $500 on eBay currently. However, there is one special Bernie the Dog that is out there.

There was a mistake at the factory which meant that one of the Beanie Babies actually ended up with a double tag. This one of a kind bear is worth an incredible $74,999.99 and is being sold on eBay!

4. Hippity

When this bunny first came out it quickly became a favourite that everyone wanted. However, there are a few Hippitys out there that have facial defects.

Image result for beanie baby hippity

Due to a few mistakes being made when these were being manufactured, there are a handful of Hippitys with facial defects, including misaligned eyes.

It’s funny to think that something that seems imperfect is actually the very thing that goes on to make the most money. I guess they become desirable.

There are a few of these on eBay currently with an average price tag of around $50,000!

5. Valentino with Errors

There were millions of Valentinos that were created by Ty, so no-one expected that these would increase in value of the years. You really wouldn’t expect to get a lot if you sold one of the normal ones of these.

Image result for beanie baby valentino

Amazingly, there are some that are actually worth more.

Just like the Hippity rabbit, Valentinos that are in mint condition but are full of errors makes them worth around $35,000!

Take a look at this one that’s currently being sold on ebay for no less than $10,000.

Note the tag errors on this Beanie Baby – here you can see that the manufacturer has wrongly spelt original as ‘origiinal’.

Also, on the back of the tag, the washing instructions read ‘suface wash’ rather than surface wash. Wow, such small errors and yet worth so much money.

6. Peace

The tie-dye Bear called Peace wasn’t made in the millions like the Valentino, instead, there was only a certain amount of them made.

Image result for beanie baby peace

This means if you have one of these and it is still in great condition then you could be set for a hefty amount of pay coming your way!

Not only that but if you have a Peace bear that also has manufacturing errors then Christmas is definitely coming early!

This version of the Peace Bear is currently listed on Ebay for $1,499.99. This is because it is a) a rare bear anyway and b) because the ‘tush tag’ doesn’t have writing on the inside, indicating it’s an early version.


So, do you have any of these rare collectables?

*Runs and digs out all old Beanie Babies!*

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