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5 Ways To Make A Fortune This Summer

By Ciara1 on July 14, 2017


1) Predict who is going to win Wimbledon successfully.

Who do you think is going to win Wimbledon?!


2) Check your old 50p coins.

Did you know there was a rare 50p circulating that could be worth A LOT of money. If you find it in your purse/wallet, keep hold of it because some people are selling them for up to £550 on eBay.

3) Check your old Video cassettes.

Did you know your old cassettes could be worth a fair bob?

4) Check your old Beanie babies.

Every 90s kid had a beanie baby. If you’ve kept any of yours, you should check if it’s worth anything.


5) Check your old Harry Potter books.

If you have a first edition Harry Potter book, it could be worth up to £2,000.