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26 Things We LOVE About Being British

By Ciara1 on July 17, 2017


The fact EVERYONE in the world speaks our language and apologising when it’s not our fault are among some of the things we love about being British according to research. Oh, and queueing of course!

1. We have the best accents.

You can drive 20 minutes down the road & the people who live these have a completely different accent.


2. We’re all proud of where we come from.

And why wouldn’t we be?

3. We love soaps and reality TV.

We just love the drama, drama, drama.

4. Most of us have BBQ’d in the rain – & LOVED it.

You usually spend the entire week stuck in work while it’s boiling hot outside then when it gets to Saturday & you’ve invited every man and his dog round to yours for a BBQ, it starts to rain. It’s too late to cancel plans so you end up having an indoor/outdoor BBQ.

5. We love to talk about the weather.

We spend 360 days complaining about the rain, cold and how bleak it is outside then spend the other five days complaining about it being too warm out.

6. The fact everyone speaks our language.

Yes, its all fun and games for us, but we are a VERY lazy nation when it comes to learning other languages. It’s s easy for us to go abroad and not even think about learning how to say “hello” in that language. No wonder everyone hates us.

7. We are the best in the world at queueing.

And if ever there’s someone who tries to jump in front of you in a queue, you know most people around you will be on your side.

8. We love to complain about pretty much everything.

If it’s not the weather or the traffic we’re complaining about then it’s something that happened on the news the night before or we’re bitching about the person we got stuck behind this morning on the way to work.

9. The fact we go abroad and they don’t speak English, so we speak to them in English but with a foreign accent.

Why is it we do that?

10. We love a TV show about baking.

The Great British Bake Off had us obsessed. And when we found out about it being moved to Channel 4, it caused more controversy than the EU referendum.

11. We moan about the traffic everywhere we go.

We do have good reason to though to be fair. Why is it the council feel the need to start road works on a Monday morning at 9 am and finish at 4 pm on a Friday night? Or why is it that our motorways are FULL of stupid lorries at rush hour? It’s always them that cause hold ups on the motorway.

12. We called a polar research vessel Boaty McBoatface.

The competition went viral with a large majority voting for the polar research vessel to be named Boaty McBoatface. The name was out forward by former BBC radio presenter James Hand. RRS Poppy-Mai came in second, RRS Henry Worsley came third, RRS – It’s bloody cold here was forth and RRS – David Attenborough came fifth.

13. We get far too excited when the sun comes out. Even though it’s only 12 degrees.

Time to go to the beer garden…

14. We think it’s acceptable to drink before midday.

Because why the hell not?

15. We love going to any sort of event because it’s yet another excuse to get drunk.

The sun comes out = we get drunk. It’s a bank holiday = we get drunk. We’re going to a wedding = we get super drunk. There’s a royal wedding = we get drunk. Even at funerals, we get drunk.

16. We’ve produced some of the best music in the world.

From David Bowie to Adele. The Beatles to Ed Sheeran. George Michael to Amy Winehouse. We’ve produced some of the best music artists in the world.

17. We spend our entire year obsessing over holidays.

Mainly because we don’t get any sort of summer over here and when the sun does come out, people feel

18. If a foreign citizen doesn’t understand what we’re saying, we speak to them louder, slower and again, in a stupid foreign English accent.

As if it’s not hard enough for them to understand us with our broad accents, we make it harder for them to understand us by putting on a stupid accent.

19. We love a Sunday roast.

A nice Sunday roast covered in gravy is just perfect and if you don’t have Yorkshire puddings on your roast, you may as well not bother.

20. Every city/region has its own culture.

Yorkshire & Lancashire are right next to each other but the people can be very different.

21. We invented cricket, rugby and football.

We’ve produced the likes of David Beckham and even if we’re no good at Football as a country, at least we know how to laugh about it & we still back our country.

22. We put the best things on toast.

Beans and cheese on toast…

23. We absolutely LOVE a bargain.

B&M, Home Bargains, Quality Save, The Range, you name it. We love those shops. You walk into a B&M store with every intention to just buy toilet roll but half an hour later, you’re still in there trying to figure out if you REALLY do need the solar powered peacock garden statue even though you don’t even have a garden.

24. We get excited about Christmas in August.

We get excited about Christmas half way through summer and the adverts start at the end of September. I admit it’s not normal, but who doesn’t love Christmas?

You know it’s Christmas when the big shops start competing against each other to have the best advert.

25. We have the NHS.

It’s been abused over the years and some people even think the Tories want to privatise our healthcare, but it’s still going & we love it. It just needs a little TLC.


26. We produced Harry Potter.

When I say we…I mean J.K Rowling. But still…