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By Angie on August 22, 2016


Dating expert and Bridget Jones’ Baby spokesperson James Preece says that women experience a better love life in their thirties. It would seem that 22 is the golden age for women having sex, but their 30s is when they have most fun dating apparently. How true this is, I don’t know…

People these days don’t usually seem bothered about telling people their magic number, others like to keep it a secret from others. The average British woman will have around 8 sexual partners before they settle down, but everyone is different. This might be a big number to some and a small number to others.


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New research reveals that foods can increase your sex drive. And when it comes to nights of passion, most people polled said they met the other person on a night out. A quarter said through a friend and 15 percent said they met them at a university. It might sound surprising, but only 13 percent of British people said they’ve met people off dating websites and had sex with them.

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Half of the people polled were above the age of 40 and said that they weren’t bothered if they didn’t settle down because they enjoy the independence and being able to do whatever they wanted.

Most of the women polled who were over 40 also said that if they could tell their older selves anything, it would be to have as much fun as possible and to be single for a while before settling down with someone for good/for a long time.


Apparently, the average number of sexual partners has risen in the UK over the last 20 years. Like I said before, there’s no right or wrong answer for the right amount of sexual partners to have.

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Why have the numbers risen? Well, people having a more relaxed attitude to sex is one, fewer long-term relationships is another. Whether you’re below or above the average, the important thing is to make sure your sexual health is looked after.

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An increased amount of sexual partners can mean an increase in the chance of you catching an STI like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and HPV. Some of these STIs can be symptomless so you can often catch the infection/virus and not find out you have it for months or even years or until you go and get a test.

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Like STIs pregnancy rates have risen over the years. more sexual partners/unprotected sex can mean more of a chance of you getting pregnant. Wearing a condom is the main form of preventing an unwanted pregnancy but if you forget, the morning after pill is always another option but isn’t always effective.

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Erectile Dysfunction can happen if you have a lot of sexual partners. It can often happen when you don’t know the person very well or feel comfortable around them. Age is another factor, a lot of men over the age of 40 can suffer from erectile dysfunction, but there are a wide range of treatments available.

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More women than men have reported to only have had sex with one partner in their lifetime after a study was taken across Britain in 2015.

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Here are a few facts about sex: 

Four popes have died during sex.

Cleopatra is credited for inventing the vibrator. She put insects into a hollow sphere and when they began to start getting agitated they’d cause the sphere to vibrate.

The clitoris extends 9cm under the skin.

Kangaroos have three vaginas.

Human males ejaculate at 27mph.

About 100 million couples have sex every day. There are about 65,000 couples having sex as you’re reading this….HAPPY HUMPING GUYS!

The average erection contains enough blood to keep three gerbils alive.

French Bulldogs can’t reproduce naturally because they’re too top heavy so they have to be born through artificial insemination.

Thailand is the world leader in women cutting off their husbands penis. They also perform the largest amount of sexual reassignment surgeries in the world.

The blue whale can ejaculate 200 gallons of semen. BLOODY HELL!

Pigs orgasm for thirty minutes.


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For many of us, our sexual encounters are something we will go to extreme lengths to keep secret. But surprisingly, we may in fact but a whole lot worse at disguising our number of sexual partners than what we hoped. Take this quiz now and let’s see if we can accurately guess just how many people you have slept with.

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