There is a Secret Button On Pedestrian Crossings. This Is What It's For.

There are a number of items in every day life that have hidden uses. From items in your household to structures that you wouldn’t believe have secret use. We’re going to take you through a number products that will hopefully help you out, now you know they’re there….

 The Traffic Light Hidden Helpers

Who invented them?

The idea was take by Nottingham University to the Department of Transport in the 1980s but it wasn’t until 1989 that they began appearing on our streets. What is interesting is that the cones have to be retro fitted – Radix, the company behind the cones sell approximately 10,000 units per year.

For those of us that aren’t gifted with perfect sight, there’s a special mechanism hidden underneath the boxes at pedestrian crossings.

You can find them by putting your hand under the yellow box and feeling for a nodule. — Really this isn’t some hidden game to get you to put your hand on some mucky chewing gum that was placed there 10 years ago.

Have a look next time you’re crossing the road.




So, I think we all missed that button on the bottom of pedestrian crossings but thats not something we use every day and it is hidden, so in a way its understandable how we missed it. However we have found a few other interesting features that the majority of us miss. And these are just as useful as the pedestrian crossing button, and can be used much more often.

The latest version of the iPhone, the 7 and 7 Plus have several, not secret, but certainly hidden and discreet features. Unlike the pedestrian crossing, the majority of us nowadays spend most of our days on our phones. They are never more than an arms reach away from us. So in reality we should know all of the hints, hacks and tips to maximise the use of our phones.

One extremely useful feature is for those people, and they know who they are. The one’s that miss all notifications for hours, reply 4 hours and 30 messages too late in the group chat, never answer their phone the first time of ringing. This can now be completely eradicated, leaving those individuals with no excuse not to have seen their notification.

You can now set your phones camera to flash on repeat until you have seen your notification. This is an extremely useful tip and begs the question as to why it is hidden so deep inside the the phones settings that not a lot of iPhone users know about it.

The setting that enables this, is ‘LED Flash for Alerts’ which is stored on settings in the ‘Accessibility’ department. So for those of you who are not so smart with picking up smart phone notifications. Get yourself hooked up on this.

Another brilliantly useful iPhone trick of the trade is to turn your phone into a personal wifi hotspot. If your wifi is down so you can’t use your laptop. Or you are on the move with a tablet trying to stream a movie but move outside of a wifi zone. You can actually tether the internet from your phone. Genius.

This again falls into settings, then personal hotspot. Simply turn this on and set a password. Setting up a password is vital otherwise other opportunists may take advantage of your mobile phone data and enjoy your free wifi. Then search for the wifi hotspot on your secondary device, enter the password and away you go. You now have wifi on your laptop/tablet.

Im sure a couple of rebellious individuals know about and have executed this next iPhone hack. You go into settings, then general, keyboard and finally text replacement. This then gives you the option to change what your phone types. Its primary use to to shorten, longer, more commonly used words or phrases.

This can be used in a different way though, a much more mischievous way. Get hold of your mum or grandparents phone and change normal words, into curse or rude words! Send them a text and wait for the comedy to begin! They won’t have a clue whats going on or how to change it back to normal! Hilarious.


We have yet another cool feature on the iPhone 7. It is again very useful and we have no idea how this one works, but it does. Some how, on the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, if you wish to delete text that your have typed. Don’t bother with the backspace button, simply shake your phone and you are then given the option to undo typing! Unbelievable.

This has to be ridiculously high tech, how does it know when you are actively shaking the phone, or you are simply on a bumpy car journey? It can save plenty of time as well, when you are trying to script that perfect text message or email. Another great feature, congrats Apple.

iPads are very popular at the moment, more functional than a phone, but much more convenient than using your laptop. We all know about tapping the home button takes you to the home page, most know that double clicking the home button allows you to multitask over the apps that you are currently using. But a triple tap of the home button also works. Not many know what this can do.

First you must enable the triple click function. This is done in settings, general, then accessibility and then accessibility shortcut. You are then given the option of what you want a triple click of the home button to do. Choose from a voiceover, inverted colours, grayscale, zoom, switch control and assertive touch.

You can also select a number of the options, then when you do use the triple tap, a menu will appear and you can select what feature you wish to enable. So if its some late night reading using inverted colours, then the triple tap feature is perfect for saving time.


No we are not completely biased towards Apple. We have also routed out a ridiculously good feature available on Android devices. The app is called Rec, and can be downloaded from the Android store.

This then gives your phone or tablet the ability to record and capture in video format, everything that is happening on your screen. The possibilities of how to use this feature are endless.

Record yourself playing games or maybe set up a prank texting your friend and capture their reply in a real time video. This definitely warrants a download.

So, it’s time for the big reveal. Few people seem to know what these little nodules are on the underside of pedestrian crossings….Well, they’re usually either plastic or metal and they save a lot of people’s lives.



When the green man appears which means cars should stop and you can get walking across the road, this little plastic thing starts spinning round and round. This thing is for visually impaired/blind people who can’t see the lights change. It starts spinning and the person can stand by the pedestrian crossing and keep their hand on it until they feel it move. Not all crossings make sounds, which we thought were there for blind people, so this little device comes in very handy for a lot of people.


Why not give it a try next time you cross at a pedestrian crossing, but beware, if you try it in winter make sure you have gloves on because the little metal device can freeze.

You don’t want to end up with your fingers stuck to the box now do you!

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