The Reason Men Wake Up With ‘Morning Glory'

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The Reason Men Wake Up With ‘Morning Glory’

By Angie on August 22, 2016


So we all have experienced this at one point or another, men will be more than familiar of waking up with a raging boner and us ladies will have definitely been woken up, on more than one occasion, with said boner poking in to their back.

But why does this happen?! Is it because men have sex on the brain 24/7?Is it because of an erotic dream? Or is it simply due to the fact there is a female in their bed?


Well, scientists have actually looked into this and you will be shocked on the findings.

The medical name for morning glory is nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) and believe it or not happens to men of all ages.

Before we start, have a look at this diagram which explains how a boner happens!


Here are some of the most common myths, explanations and facts about NPT!

1. It is due to an erotic dream that your man has had meaning he has woken up in the mood and ready for some action! Grrrrrrreat.

2. It has been called the ‘pee-boner’ and suggested it is due to the fact your man needs a wee!! Lovely, there is nothing sexy about that.


3. The frequency of your morning glory will decrease I’m afraid lads, by the time you are 60 your morning glory days will sadly begin to fade.

4. The brain controls our bodily functions, meaning men can control their boners (to a certain extent) when awake, however when they are asleep they have no control. Ultimately their willy has the freedom to do what they want. Run wild and free penis!


5. Men are most hormonal first thing in the morning, with their testosterone levels peaking at this point in the day, therefore contributing to their morning glory situation. So they don’t find us sexy after all?! KNEW IT. Week on the sofa for you babe.

6. Apparently a morning glory’s is the penis exercising and preparing for sex, to practice holding a boner for as long as possible.Not practicing hard enough sweetie!!!

7. It is actually your fault, you have rubbed up against your man’s penis or touched it in your sleep…giving them an instant boner! Note to self, keep all limbs to self when asleep.


8. The longer the night sleep, the higher your testosterone levels therefore the more likely it is your man will wake up with morning glory. This explains why they fall asleep during Corrie every night???

9. Apparently men have between 4 and 5 boners PER NIGHT, each lasting up to 25 mins!! Will believe that one when I see it.


10. A morning boner shows hormone levels are good, and overall health is also good! One NOT to tell your other half when you’ve got them on a diet.

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