20 Things All Women Are Guilty Of But Won't Admit

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20 Things All Women Are Guilty Of But Won’t Admit

By Angie on August 22, 2016


We all have our gross habits that we know we shouldn’t do, but we just can’t help it. Us ladies in particular, are notoriously bad at not admitting to them, but we know we ALL do them. Ladies…read on to see if you can find any of your embarrassing habits; fellas…you have been warned.

1- That bra you are currently wearing…when was the last time you washed it?

ABC Network mothers day relaxing bra relief GIF
 We have a drawer filled with bras, but there is only that ONE comfy one that you wear daily. Is it really worth going a day without it to wash it? No, I agree, totally not worth it.

2- ‘Forgetting’ to shave during winter.




Once September comes around, it is practically winter, ie time to hibernate and become a hairy wildebeest until June; winner winner.

3- When you are forced to create your own sanitary towel with toilet paper…


Ladies, it happens to the best of us…sometimes you’ve just gotta work with what you’ve got.

4- Yep, we’re all guilty of peeing in the shower.


We like to act ladylike but when push comes to shove and we need to pee, we totally will do so in the shower.

5- Sneezing when on your period is not pleasant…


Boys like to pretend periods are not a thing, but the struggle is definitely real for us girls.

6- ‘Forgetting’ to wash your hair…




Washing your hair is a full time job, a whole night needs to be set aside for this hefty job.


7- Does anyone actually wash their makeup brushes?


Is there anything more embarrassing than your friend asking to borrow your foundation brush and realising you haven’t washed it in MONTHS and it is rock hard? Lol sorry hun.

8- Using the ‘sniff test’ to decide on your outfit.


We’ve all got that pile of clothes in the corner of our room that is half clothes we have tried on and decided not to wear and half clothes we have already worn. The only logical way to decide what to wear is to sniff your way through the clothes.

9- Avoiding using nail varnish remover…


We all know its easier and quicker to just bite it off. But the real question is why isn’t all nail varnish alcohol flavoured?!

10- Dealing with your sunburned peeling skin…


‘Don’t peel it, it will scar’…but is there a more satisfying feeling in the world than peeling off your skin?!

11- Living off this for days (maybe weeks)



I would go as far as saying this stuff is just as important as deodorant in our daily routine. I cannot remember life before Batiste.

12- Rewearing your gym outfit…


It’s going to smell again after your gym session tomorrow so what’s the point in washing it today?! Anyone else of this same mentality?

13- Admiring your blackhead strip…


There is nothing as satisfying as peeling off your blackhead strip and gazing upon your fallen soldiers for a good half hour after. So long little friends.

14- Peeling off your mascara


There is nothing worse than your mascara looking like this, but it is surprisingly soothing peeling off thick clumpy mascara.

15- Using the excess hair in the shower to create shower art


We all shed in the shower, but putting that lost hair to good use is a guilty please of all of ours…I like to consider it a nice little exhibition for the next person to get a shower.

16- Cleaning the dirt from under your nails with your nails…


I don’t know how it happens but we all get that dreaded dirt layer under our nails…but using your own nails to clean out the dirt is the only way to deal with it sometimes!

17- Fishing out crumbs from your bra


Eating that sandwich seemed like such a good idea until hours later when you have a horrendous itching coming from your bra, to find half the content of Pret lodged between your boobs!

18- Picking your nose when no one is watching


Yes it is not lady like, but sometimes it is simply a necessity. Have you ever blown your nose on a fresh face of makeup? NIGHTMARE.

19- Playing with your ‘non existent’ tash



‘Moustache? What moustache?!’ – any girl that says they don’t have a tash is basically a liar.

20- Squeezing your spots…



I don’t care what anyone says, there is no greater feeling in the world than squeezing your spots!


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