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18 Hillarious Life Hacks For Lazy People

By Ciara1 on June 11, 2017


You know those people that wake up at 6AM to eat their smoothie bowl and practice yoga? Yep, well that is not me. You’re more likely to find me at midday sat eating Cheetos on the couch, but there’s no shame in that, I am lazy and proud. There is nothing wrong with being lazy and if anything us lazy people are actually more intelligent than all you early birds because we find ways to do things that no one would have ever thought of doing before. What you still wash up your dishes and don’t just cover them with cling film instead? Well…more fool you! Here are 18 ingenious, if not slightly gross, life hacks for all your lazy people out there…

1. Facetime your kitchen to remotely watch your vegetables exploding in the pan.

The saying goes that a watched pot never boils, but what about a Facetime’d pot? When you’re as busy as me (busy binge watching Netflix that is) you don’t have time to stand about in the kitchen waiting for your pot to boil and overflow.


But watching it from the comfort of your own couch? That is something I can do! This really is genius, most people just spend most of their time in the kitchen, waiting for things to cook.

2. Entertain your little one with a cardboard box and a pack of crayons. Will keep them quiet for hours!

There are so many expensive toys available at the moment, ones that make noises and flash and speak to you, ones that take your kids to school and make them a packed lunch, well maybe I’m getting a bit carried away now.

Sometimes though it’s the really simple things that can keep your little ones entertained for hours on end. Let them scribble all over this box and then hopefully they’ll stay away from the walls!

3. Don’t bother wasting nail polish on those toes which aren’t even going to be seen!

Okay, we admit this is incredibly lazy, but peep toe shoes are a pain as it is, why should we be required to paint all 10 of our toes?! Why can’t 4 be enough!

This has potential to take off. Before you know it, nail polish will be sold in pots just half the size because every girl has realised that they were simply being wasteful before.

4. You were actually going to hoover your room? Don’t be silly!

YouTube is an absolute gift; there are crazy videos of cats, videos of people falling over, and my personal favourite, videos of heavy duty items being crushed by a hydraulic press.

But this takes the joys of YouTube to a whole new level, just play this video and you’ll never have to tidy your room again! This person stumbled across a genuine life hack and was kind enough to share it with the people.

5. No clean underwear left? Just stick a sanitary pad inside your knickers until you can be bothered to do your washing!

Doing your laundry is such a pain, I can barely be bothered to put my stuff into the machine, never mind separating it into the seven colours of the rainbow.

If you’re feeling particularly lazy you can shove one of these inside your underwear and you’re probably good for another day. You might feel gross but at least your lady parts will be clean! Although this hack doesn’t come recommended by any doctors or hygienist.

6. Cling film your plates to save on washing up.

Another chore which I absolutely hate doing is washing up. Much to the dismay of my past housemates, I was that person that used to leave dishes on the side for so long that things used to grow out of them.

Gross right? If only I would have known this life hack back then I would have been able to spend less time (well, even less than I already was doing) on washing up, and more time on the important stuff…like getting drunk.

7. I feel like this would be incredibly satisfying but very gross at the same time.

If you’re one of those people who likes to snack and watch shows on your laptop, which let’s be honest, is most of us, you’re probably hiding a hearty helping of crumbs down the crevices of your keyboard.

The sticky strips on post-it notes should be able to sort them out though. Just make sure you don’t use any post-its with passwords or other important stuff on before throwing them in the bin.

8. Turns out hoods make for a wonderful popcorn bowl…who knew?

This guy looks like he is having the time of his life. He has stumbled across a clever secondary use for his hood. This keyboard may need some post-it note attention when he is finished though.

I can’t believe they haven’t started marketing hoodies at portable-popcorn-pots yet, talk about ingenious.

9. Use dental floss to cut through things and save on washing up a knife!

I feel like dental floss is one of those things that you buy with the intention of improving your dental health, but in reality, ends up in your bathroom cabinet never to be seen again.

That is until you start to use it for its superior purpose, of cutting up a cake! That is one less knife that I’ll have to wash up.

10. You’d be really surprised at what can pass for a kitchen utensil.

We may all shake our heads at this but when you’re all cosy in your room upstairs and you realise you’ve forgotten a spoon, only to look over and spot a ruler, well…don’t tell me you wouldn’t do this.

I don’t feel any shame in admitting guilt on this front. Although depending on the yoghurt, a lot of the time you can just drink it.

11. Every lazy person loves when your food comes with its own bowl.

What can be better than milk and cookies? Milk and cookies that don’t even require any washing up afterwards! I’m sensing a theme here….

I wonder if this was the intended purpose of the individual trays. Genius if so. You can whack some peanut butter in the next section once the next 5 cookies are polished off.

12. Why not just throw away all your glasses whilst you’re at it!

This may not be very environmentally friendly, but then again, neither is wasting all that water needlessly washing up glasses. Plastic bag drinking glasses all the way!

This girl has took it to the extreme, she has thrown some ice in there as well. This is quite a good idea on a sunny day when you are heading out with your mates. Because you can’t exactly stroll out of the house with a glass can you.

13. Cut your pizzas in half and you’ll only have to use half the amount of baking trays.

This isn’t even a hack just for lazy people, I feel that pizza lovers across the nation can benefit from this hack.

There is nothing more annoying than when your pizzas can’t all fit on one shelf and one ends up way too well done – verging on burnt- and the other is barely even cooked.

14. Ever tried cooking noodles in a coffee maker? Yeah, don’t.

Okay, so this is a hack we really don’t recommend. But if you’re desperate for noodles and for some reason don’t have access to a pot, but instead have access to a coffee maker (yeah, we can’t really see how that may happen but you never know) maybe give this a try.

Just make sure to clean it out first! I don’t imagine sweet and sour noodles with a hint of cappuccino is going to taste too great.

15. You can throw your clothes in the dryer with a damp towel to remove creases.

Let’s be honest, lazy or not, nobody enjoys ironing. I tend to wait until my pile of ironing has got pretty out of control before I actually touch it.

If like me, you hate ironing, try sticking all your wrinkled clothes into the dryer with a damp towel and it should get rid of any major creases.

16. Or you can use a hairdryer to get them out instead!

Don’t have a tumble dryer? No problem, you can use a hairdryer to get rid of any small creases! Another fool proof method to get out of using the iron.

This can also be a big time saver as well. If your on your way out, dry your hair at the same time as getting them creases out of your clothes.

17. Still not learnt how to tie your shoelaces? No problem.

Okay, admittedly the picture below isn’t a great advertisement for this life hack. They look pretty hideous. But you get the point.

This probably won’t work if your shoelaces serve a practical purpose, but if they are for aesthetics only don’t bother tying them up every time and instead use a dab of super glue to secure them.

18. This should stop you getting so emotional over those darn onions. And yeah, breathing is overrated anyway.

I have tried everything when it comes to stopping my eyes watering when I’m cutting onions, sunglasses, goggles, only cutting into a certain part of the onion.


I can’t say I’ve tried this clingfilm method and I’m not sure I would endorse it but… hey! Anything’s worth a try, right?

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