11 Flashbacks To Your Parents Cars From The 80s

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11 Flashbacks To Your Parents Cars From The 80s

By Angie on August 22, 2016


Car journeys just aren’t the same now as they were back then, everything has changed completely! Here are 11 unique experiences of being in a car in the 80s and 90s that you’ll never have again!

1. Roll down windows



We all remember having to manually roll down the windows ourselves! We didn’t have a button to make our windows open, we hand to wind the thing down with all our strength. It wasn’t the most practical or safest thing to do while you’re driving, quite revolutionary how it’s changed!

2. No air conditioning


There were cars with air conditioning back then but you had to be extremely rich in order to have it! The lack of air con meant the windows had to be rolled down in order to make the car not feel sweltering hot!

3. No seatbelts in the back

Remember when it wasn’t compulsory for adult passengers in the back seats to wear seatbelt until the early 90’s? Thinking back now it was a big concern that it took so long for them to make it compulsory.

4. No power steering


Nothing was worse than having the struggle of having to park your car when you had no power steering! You really had to whip it, however it really did give you a good amount of exercise though!

5. The tin of hard boiled sweets


Everyone remembers having hard boiled sweets in the cars, they were either fruit flavoured or mints! As soon as you saw your parent opening the glove compartment, you knew it was time for the tin to come out! We all remember these as they are the only things that made car journeys bearable!

6. The cigarette lighter


We all remember fiddling about with these when we were younger! We said goodbye to the inbuilt cigarette lighter when we waved goodbye to smoking in cars. It was for the best, a glowing, burning hot piece of metal isn’t the best thing to have in the car when driving!

7. Ashtrays


Accompanied with the cigarette lighter was the ashtray! However, like everyone I’m sure you only remember them for putting spare change and other bits and bobs in them!

8. Cars with wing doors

This was the thing everyone dreamed of having! We all know the trend started when we all saw Marty getting into his car in Back To The Future! I still dream of having them now, they still look awesome!

9. Cassettes and cassette players


Everyone made the best mixtapes back in the day just so they could listen to them on car journeys. Also, who remembers on the occasion getting the cassette tape stuck in the cassette player and ruining there favourite mixtape.

10. Putting the Aerial up manually



Who remembers when you had to manually put aerials up? Not like today where they are fixed and there is no worries! What about the struggle of having to use a wire hanger if the aerial ever broke?

11. Choke


The choke was used to control the air flow inside your car! It was originally called the ‘strangler’, as it would cut down on the air supply!

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