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TEST YOURSELF: Can We Guess Your Name Correctly?

By Ciara1 on May 12, 2017


It is quite bizarre that the one thing we have to be known by for the rest of our lives isn’t chosen by us. This is truly something that we have no control over. Our parents have the whole power of deciding what we should be called for the rest of our lives. We can also quite clearly see that names come into fashion as quickly as they go out of fashion. There are some parents out there who want their kid to be the only child in the world with that name – so they settle for something absolutely ridiculous. Whereas others decide that a simple name that their kid will actually be able to spell is more fitting.

Did you know that in certain tribes that are isolated to other walks of life don’t see the use of personal names? Take the Machiguenga tribe of the Amazon for an example, they’ve got a full language but they don’t see each other by name and have found other ways of addressing one another.


The real reason behind us having a name is so that we have something to be identified by for legal purposes. However, it is actually considered a right under the ‘United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child’ acts that a child has the right to a name from birth.

However, some parents see this as an opportunity and call their child something completely bizarre. A lot of famous people who have kids tend to go for the most ridiculous names possible just to spark some interest from the gossip columns in the newspaper. What they don’t realise is that their kid has to go through their whole life with such an odd name!

There’s quite a few struggles for kids who have obscure names. Firstly, they don’t have the option of buying souvenirs from places with their name on it. This is the worst thing ever because they have to settle for a cringe headband with ‘Princess’ on it or with a pen that just says ‘Football Mad’. Secondly, it is impossible for a kid to learn how to even pronounce their names when they’re called something as obscure as Amaryllis or Coyote – let alone learning how to actually spell it!

If you absolutely despise your name then it is quite common to be known as your middle name. No-one quite understands the purpose of having a middle name as well, but it is something a lot of us have. I am pretty sure that about 60% of the British population had ‘Louise’ as their middle name at some point!

The one thing that we truly have no power over is our last names. Sometimes, a surname can carry a lot of weight – as it can show who your ancestors were. This can be amazing if your family history helped shape the world to what we know today. Imagine if you were Dickens’ or Darwin’s great great great grandchild – that’d be a great surname to have!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if every generation wanted to have a double-barrel name? Their names would be completely ridiculous and too hard to keep up with!

But, do you think your name really represents something about you? Do you think that your personality traits and how you view the world are linked to the names you have? Some people truly have this outlook on life, whereas others believe that your names holds absolutely no weight to what you’re like as a person.

We can all agree that we are put off certain names because of the people behind them. You could meet the nicest ‘Claire’ in the world, but if you already knew a Claire from work who was a nasty piece of work then you could create a preconceived idea of what they’re like. This is an awful thing to do but we have to admit that we do tend to do this sometimes!

Well, this quiz focuses on a range of different questions about you. From your hair colour to your eye colour, it calculates your different attributes and makes an educated guess on what your name is.


It will also focus on the element of age – this is because there are trends when it comes to picking names. We can all agree that some names have gone completely out of fashion whereas others are becoming ridiculously popular.

So, do you think you’re up for the test? Well, let’s see if this quiz can accurately guess your name! Good luck and enjoy!

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