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The ‘Sims’ Is FINALLY Coming To iOS And Android And It’s Going To Be Amazing

By Ciara1 on May 11, 2017


Yes. You heard correctly – the whole of our childhood is going to come back to life now the makers are bringing our favourite game to our fingertips. We all remember the days of spending hours playing on Sims. The countless amounts of affairs and babies and most importantly finding hundreds of different, weird ways to kill them.

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It’s been an incredible seventeen years since this highly addictive game launched.. but all our dreams have finally come true now EA Games have decided to create a mobile app for Sims.

Do you want to hear the best part? This game will be FREE to download!

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It appears to have the same gist as the PC games – you design your own Sims, build their houses and even sabotage their lives (if that’s what you’re in to).

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But, it gets even better… the developers have even integrated a social feature which allows you to connect with your friends where you can create a mini community.

Who can’t wait to download this? Prepare yourself to have no social life after you download this is on your phone…