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Prince Harry Has Reportedly Asked The Queen For Permission To Propose To Meghan Markle

By Ciara1 on May 19, 2017


It has now been a few years since Kate Middleton and Prince William tied the knot. Whilst we know Harry isn’t in line for the throne, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to find a suitable partner to marry and introduce to the Royal Family.

Luckily, Harry has now settled down with actress Meghan Markle.


It appears that the pair are well on their way to getting married after their relationship was publicly announced back in the November of last year. While she was born in California, she currently lives in Toronto where the hit series Suits is filmed. The fact their relationship is somewhat long-distance, it hasn’t stopped the two getting cosy together.

Last week she flew in to the UK and is staying with Harry ready to attend the hugely anticipated wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthew which takes place on Saturday the 20th May. A source has discussed that she won’t be attending the private ceremony, but will be attending the celebrations afterwards.

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The rumours have now come out that Prince Harry has asked for his grandmother’s blessing with regards to proposing to his girlfriend, Meghan. Luckily, the Queen approves and gave them her permission to wed. If the rumours are true then we could be expecting another huge Royal wedding in the few years to come – which we couldn’t be more excited about?!

Prince Harry has to ask his grandmother, our Queen, out of respect. After bestowing her blessing upon the couple a source told ‘Starmagazine’ that ‘the engagement will probably happen this year’ with the way it is going with the couple.

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Their relationship has been kept relatively out of the limelight, however with being a Royal it is hard to avoid the limelight constantly.

It appears the engagement is imminent and we couldn’t be more excited!

The couple first met back in May last year when they were promoting Invictus Games. The rumours later followed that they were in a relationship by the time October came around. It was later confirmed the following month that the couple were in a serious relationship.

Whilst she is currently living and filming in Toronto, it hasn’t stopped discussions that she could be moving over to the UK and living in the apartment Harry has at Kensington Palace. This is obviously the next logical step for their relationship. But, it must be hard for her having to move to a completely different country?! But… it’s all in the name of love!

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While we are all aware of Megan’s previous marriage that ended after just two years, this will not slow down or ruin any plans for the two to get wed in the future. Not only this, but a spokesperson for Westminster Abbey actually confirmed that if the two did wed they would get married in the infamous historic church and that her Jewish faith wouldn’t hinder any plans for this.

So, can we hear those wedding bells ringing?! We can’t wait to see if the pair get engaged.. we hope they do because they make such a glorious couple!