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This Is What Those Little Purple Flowers You Keep Seeing On Facebook Mean

By Ciara1 on May 15, 2017


So, if you’ve not noticed these little purple flowers popping up on the reactions list on Facebook this week, where have you been hiding?

We’re used to seeing the standard face emojis and the love heart, but what’s with this purple flower?


Yesterday, it was Mother’s Day in America and 80 other countries around the world, the purple flower was added to the reactions list so that people could let mums know that they’re thinking about them.

Facebook have said: The idea is that when your mum posts a status on the social network (which if she is anything like mine, will make little sense), you can respond with a little flower to show you care. Yes it is soppy but it is also pretty sweet.

Some British Facebook users won’t be able to see the flower but most people will. It’s a shame Facebook didn’t release it in time for British Mother’s Day!