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Chris Cornell’s Final Tweet To His Wife Before He Passed Away

By Ciara1 on May 18, 2017


Chris Cornell, otherwise known as the front man for Soundgarden, passed away on Wednesday night just hours after performing at his sold-out show in Detroit.

The cause for death wasn’t disclosed initially, but after a medical examiner checked his body they declared it was an ‘apparent suicide’.


Cornell’s struggles with substance abuse haven’t been something he has shied away from in the past as he has tried to speak publicly about these issues. However, looking at his recent tweets it appeared he was excited about his tour.

On Sunday the 14th of May Chris Cornell took to his Twitter account to share a love letter with his wife, Vicky Karayiannis.

This incredible admiration he had for his wife was something so lovely and unexpected. Not only this, but it’s one of the happy memories there for her to look back on and cherish.

The sudden death of Cornell sparks the questions about whether or not his mind was made up prior to the show on Wednesday night. Or if this Tweet was simply a random dedication of his love for his wife.

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Cornell was an extremely famous and influential singer, musician and songwriter who was mainly known for being the lead vocalist for Soundgarden. Not only was he the front-man for this Seattle rock band, but he was also the primary songwriter and rhythm guitarist.

Since 1991 he was also widely known for his solo work and his contributions to other soundtracks over the years.

He is recognised as helping to shape and form the grunge movement back in the early nineties. His infamous near four octave vocal range and powerful vocal belting technique made him an incredible artist that helped form rock as we know it today.

His recognition took to one of the worlds greatest music magazines when the Rolling Stones scored him 9th in the list of ‘Best Lead Singers Of All Time’. He also ranked top of the list as ‘Rocks Greatest Singer’ when Guitar World took to their readers to place a vote.

Vicky Karayiannis was his second wife and an American publicist of Greek heritage. The couple have two children together, a daughter Toni who was born in September 2004 and a son Christopher Nicholas who was born back in the December of 2005. Cornell decided that he would convert to the Greek Orthodox Church, following in his wife’s footsteps.

The pair were married for thirteen years before he tragically passed away.

Hundreds of idols in the music industry have now taken to their social media accounts to pay respects for the late star.



This was an absolutely heartbreaking and tragic event, but it has also encouraged people to speak up if they are struggling to cope themselves.