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30 Hilarious Images You Will Have To Look Twice At

By Ciara1 on May 12, 2017


If there is anything worrying about these images, it’s that they definitely should have thought twice before they took them. These mistakes are absolutely hilarious and will definitely make you look twice! However, some of these images are just completely staged… If anything, these pictures are guaranteed to give you a good laugh and DEFINITELY make you do a double take!

1. This is really confusing to un-see once you’ve seen it

When you first look at this image it really looks like the guy on the back is standing up. However, you can can clearly see that this guy isn’t straddling his friend and they’re just doing a basic piggy back!


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2. I can’t even understand what’s going on here…

This is one of those pictures that freaks you out the more you star at it. I still don’t know who’s head is who’s but it is definitely freaking me out.

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3. That winter coat

The funny thing here is that it actually looks like Big Foots arm. But instead it’s a random guys leg. You can tell the this definitely wasn’t staged either – it just looks hilarious!

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4. This will never make sense to me

It is clear that this picture is not photographed… but how has she actually managed to turn the bottom half of her body the other way round? This is completely baffling me…

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5. The guy at the back already knows how weird this looks

This was just a perfectly timed photo. I’m sure the person taking this didn’t realise how weird it looks… this definitely made me do a double take!

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6. Floating mid air

This girl has genuinely defied gravity and is floating mid air… But really, how has she managed to do this? This is completely baffling me!!


7. Wait until you see it…

This photo is hilarious. It definitely looks like someone must have desperately needed a wee…


8. Where are all the hands coming from?!

This is like hand-ception. There is no way of telling where all of these different hands are coming from… a ghost perhaps?

a wait what, dumpaday (10)via/dumpaday

9. Look at this mythical creature

Half woman, half zebra… this photo looks so real it’s hilarious! It’s a shame the boy couldn’t get a picture from the same angle to see how funny it looks.

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10. Just wait until you see it..

There is nothing abnormal about this cute picture.. until you look at the size of that poor boys hands!! It took me a while to notice this one, but it’s so hilarious!

wait what, dumpaday (9)


11. Wow.

We can all agree that at first it looks like the girl third in from the left is attempting to do the splits mid air whilst her friends hold her up. However, after further investigation you can see the different shoes each foot is wearing and realise it is not as shocking as you initially expected.

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12. It looks like such an intense moment

This image is so funny. It really looks like the man on the telly is tenderly whispering something into the guys ears whilst holding his shoulder. This picture could not have been timed more perfectly!

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13. Half woman, half dog

The dog clearly wants nothing more than the food that she is preparing. But, this picture was taken at exactly the right moment.. this is so funny!


14. Smell dat hair

It was either a really windy day or this girl has some extremely powerful nostrils. Either way, this photo couldn’t be more perfectly timed!

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15. Dat ass

At first glimpse, we all think that this girl is naked from the waist down. However, you can just see that this is one of the most poorly timed images ever.

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16. Pea head

This one is so funny. You can tell the guy is super tall – but the image looks as thought the last way in front of him is his head. She has such a small head, too!

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17. All good in there?

Yoga is a sport that allows your to stretch the body and clear the mind. It is also perfect for getting some hilarious pictures that look just like this!

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18. Dogs are so loyal

There is nothing cuter than spending time with your dogs. Usually dogs aren’t allowed to chill on the furniture. But, we are so glad this dog was sat on this couch so this perfectly timed photo could have been taken. It genuinely looks like his head is the dogs! So funny!


19. Unusual timing

This will forever be one of the most hilarious pictures you HAVE to double take. There is nothing more hilarious than the misfortune of taking this picture. I wonder why they were even taking this weird picture in the first place?

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20. One top, two heads

Even when you sit and look at this picture it still looks like this one top was giving way to two heads! The woman has no clue what’s going on, but this picture is seriously confusing!

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21. That man is having the ride of his life

It fully looks like is straddling the woman on this picture, doesn’t it? This photo is just perfectly timed and so hilarious – but neither of them are even aware of what it looks like on the camera.

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22. When your hand is actually a foot

This is weird. At first I was convinced that this must have been photoshopped, but when you look really closely you can still see the fingers on her hand by the side of her foot. This is such a confusing picture to sit and look at!


23. Absolute nonsense

The person taking this picture probably didn’t intend on timing it so perfectly that his face would look like the hanging sausage. However, it is absolutely hilarious and it is scary how well this fits round his brown jumper.


24. Look at the length of his arm!

This picture is seriously confusing. Because of the way the man is positioned, it looks just like he is stretching his arm out front and putting it on her shoulder. But, we can quickly see that the hand belongs to the lady on the left of the picture! Confusion over!

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25. This is CREEPY

The weird thing about this is that the picture combines the face of the child and the adult behind. The kid provides the eyes and the cheek, but it is so perfectly pictured that it looks like the rest of the face is actually his dad behind! At first glance I thought this was one of those ridiculous photoshopped pictures.

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26. The Hulk

This woman is the Hulk in disguise…. or is she? When you look closer you can see that it is the man that is actually carrying the woman. Confusing though!

11. Female Hercules


27. Omg this woman has THREE arms?!

How can she have both hands on her hips whilst holding a drink out of the front of her? This completely threw me for a while until a realised what was actually going on in this picture!


28. This is so weird

The back of this woman looks like the female version of Hagrid. This is completely confusing, but it must be the woman in front of her that adds the extra meter onto her head.


29. A human-sized monkey

This is terrifying. It looks like King Kong or Godzilla has come to terrorise this car. This is scary but a perfectly timed picture!

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30. Another pea head


This was definitely taken in a classroom. Once you figure out what is going on in this picture you can quickly see that the person directly in front has definitely given up on the day!