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16 Hilarious Problems All British People Face

By Ciara1 on May 15, 2017


We all know that a problem shared, is a problem halved. However, what happens when every single person in Britain suffers from the same problem? We do tend to be over dramatic when it comes to these issues… but here are 16 hilarious problems absolutely every Brit faces.

This will definitely make you laugh!


1. Putting on a nature documentary and turning it straight back off when you realise David Attenborough isn’t narrating it

We can all agree that David Attenborough is the nation’s Grandad. So, when a nature programme is narrated by anyone other than him, it is simply NOT acceptable.


2. Running out of ways to say ‘thanks’ when someone holds a series of doors open for you

‘Thanks’ ‘Ta’ ‘Cheers’… you feel really awkward when you have to come up with a succession of different ways of saying thank you. For those of you struggling here are 20 different ways to say thank you below…

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3. Not hearing someone for the third time so just hoping that laughing is an okay response

This is okay until someone tells you that their mum just died…. and you just laughed at them. There is actually nothing more irritating than asking for the third time what someone said and STILL not being able to understand it.

 reaction food what anchorman excuse me GIF


4. When someone gets up off their seat in rush hour traffic – you’re all too polite to sit down

The train, bus or tram could be jam packed – but if there is one spare seat you are all too polite to take the seat and sit down. This is brits down to a tee…

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5. Saying ‘anywhere here’s fine’ when the taxi is on your street

Although you are actually paying them for the lift, you don’t want to put them out too much. This means you just get dropped off anywhere on your street – you don’t have to be outside your house.

Image result for sat in the back of a taxi


6. Do I take a jacket?

We know how uncertain British weather can be, so the decision of whether or not you should take a jacket out with you is HUGE. If you decide not to then you really are a brave soul…

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7. Judging someone based on how they have their tea

We are all guilty of doing this. We can stand the fact that some people have their tea as pale as Caspar the Ghost… it isn’t normal!!
Image result for really bad cup of tea


8. Feeling absolutely fuming when you found out someone’s used your mug

We all have our own mugs.. but you get absolutely mugged off when you find out that someone’s used yours. This isn’t nasty.. it’s just plain RUDE!

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9. Having a panic attack going to the cinema because you know you’ve snuck £10 worth of snacks in there

You only do this because of the ridiculous prices that the cinemas charge you. However, the anxiety haunts you throughout your whole film as you get scared you’re gonna get found out.

Image result for sneaking food into cinemas


10. Not being able to turn around to walk in the other direction on the street without taking your phone out and frowning at it first

We don’t want to look weird when we’re walking somewhere. So, the moment you realise you’re walking in the wrong direction you have to first take out your phone, frown at it and then sigh.

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11. Wanting the earth to swallow you up if you waved back at someone who was waving at someone behind you

You were happy to get your hands surgically removed when you realised you were waving back at someone who wasn’t even waving at you. SO embarrassing.

 hug awkward wave alone forever GIF


12. Dying of embarrassment when you were dancing in your room and the window cleaner suddenly appears

There is nothing worse than the awkward eye contact with you and your window cleaner.. especially when you’re half dressed or dancing in your room.


13. Asking to sample the ale at the bar, absolutely hating it but having to order a full pint so you didn’t look like you were trying to get a freebie

I think we have all experienced this. We ask to try certain ales, but feel obliged to commit to a full pint afterwards no matter how rank it is!

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14. Saying how much you LOVE your new hair cut when really you want to just shave it all off because of the mess that’s been made

Sometimes it’s genuinely like the only practise hairdressers have is on those Bratz dolls heads we had when we were younger. But, we Brits are far too polite to complain about how much we hate our hair so we just suffer in silence.

Image result for really bad haircut hairdressers


15. Unfriending someone when you find out they put their milk in their tea before the water

This is an actual problem. You do not want to be friends with someone who is that backwards, so you mentally unfriend them and want to make citizens arrest the moment you see them putting their milk in before their water.

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16. When someone replies honestly to ‘Hiya, you alright?’


This is rare because our natural response is ‘yeah good, how are you?’, so it is a complete curveball when someone replies otherwise. You don’t know how to deal with a situation like this and it’s extremely uncomfortable.

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