14 Beauty Struggles Kids These Days Don’t Have To Deal With

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14 Beauty Struggles Kids These Days Don’t Have To Deal With

By Angie on August 22, 2016


We can all agree that we made some questionable mistakes with our make up when we were younger. There was nothing quite like the embarrassing different things we thought made us look amazing when we were younger. When we look back at pictures of ourselves we begin to wonder why on earth our parents let us go out looking like that!

Here are 14 different make-up mistakes that we regret making when we were younger.


Enjoy… this will definitely bring back some funny memories from your childhood!

1. Pearly Shadow

If there was one thing we absolutely loved back in the day, it was going to town wearing different colours. We can all admit that we thought wearing bright blue eyeshadow was definitely a look. This takes us back! We all used to have this pearly eyeshadow when we were younger…

Image result for pearly eyeshadow 80s


2. Highlights

These were easily some of the most painful things we had to endure. Getting highlights was a few hours of pain when we had to wear one of those ridiculous hats. The hairdresser had to pull our hair through the cap bit by bit.. and they weren’t for being patient with it either! It was never worth the end result because our hair always looked ridiculous and streaky!

Image result for 80s highlight cap


3. Kissing Potion

I think the best part about this lip gloss was the name. We used to be obsessed with collecting all the different flavours that they had! I think that cherry was my all time favourite. I remember putting this on then using my hairbrush as a microphone and pretending to sing over the radio. Those were the good old days!

Image result for 80s kissing potion


4. Blue Mascara

As we all know, anything with colour was a HUGE hit back in the eighties. There was nothing better than completely plastering our faces in different make-up. We were all obsessed with blue mascara when we were younger. We were never allowed to wear this to school, so we took advantage of getting dressed up when the weekend came round!

Image result for 80s blue mascara


5. Sun In

I think that this destroyed so many people’s hair when we were younger. It was rare that this actually resulted in something good, wasn’t it? If it didn’t work for you it made your hair look like straw… both in colour and texture! Not a good look!

Image result for sun in 80s hair


6. Pink blush

We can all agree that we thought pink blusher looked unreal when we were younger. We completely coated our cheeks in this.. and always put a little bit too much on. We wish our parents would have told us how ridiculous we used to look!

Image result for pink blush 80a


7. Crimped hair

If there was one hairstyle we all used to be obsessed with – it was crimping. We decided that the bigger the hair, the better. This meant we spent hours crimping it to make it as big as possible!

Image result for 80s crimped hair


8. Press on nails

We could never be bothered to paint our nails back in the day, so we opted for the easy route. We decided that press on nails were a bigger and better fashion statement. However, they weren’t the cutest when they ended up flicking off at random moments!

Image result for 80s press on nails


9. Twilight Teaser

This was a lipstick that we all had to have when we were younger. I remember I used to save mine for special occasions only. Although I tried to save this as much as possible, I did end up going through multiple full lipsticks!

Image result for 80s twilight teaser


10. Perms

This was just a trend that was around in the 80s. As we all know, the bigger the hair the better. We did absolutely anything to get our hair as big as possible and show it off. There was nothing better than going out when you felt super confident about your hair!

Image result for 80s perms


11. Body Shop perfume

We all used to have this perfume when we were younger. We were completely obsessed with collecting all the different scents that Body Shop blessed us with.

Image result for 80s body shop perfume


12. Too much hairspray

We were all guilty of this. We used about a full can every time we were going out. If it wasn’t rock solid, then it wasn’t good enough! It would have been an absolute nightmare if someone lit a match near our hair back in the day…

Image result for 80s l'oreal studio hairspray


13. Outdoor girl

It was actually Max Factor that brought out this range of beauty products. We were all completely obsessed with buying these when we were younger. I remember my mum once came home with some of the eyeshadow for me when my boyfriend dumped me. It definitely cheered me up and I almost got over him instantly!

Image result for outdoor girl max factor


14. Tinkerbell make-up


We all remember this from when we were younger. These were the cutest bits of make-up out there and were probably the first bits of make up that we were introduced to as kids.

Image result for tinkerbell make up 80s



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