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13 Things We ALL Remember From The 80s

By Ciara1 on May 11, 2017


Although it’s been 30 years since we were in the eighties, there are still some fond memories that stick in our minds. It doesn’t even seem that long ago – it is scary how time flies, isn’t it?! Here are 13 things we all remember from the good old days! This will definitely take you on a trip down memory lane and put a smile on your face!



1. Fisher Price toys

There was honestly nothing we loved more than the toys that Fisher Price used to bless us with. We would beg for gifts like these every time a birthday came along.

Image result for fisher price dog


Can you remember this dog? The toys used to be the most simple things ever, but we would managed to find hours of fun playing with them! This definitely brings back some great memories.

2. Old Spice

This definitely brings back so many memories of my dad from back in the day. Everything he used to own had to be from the Old Spice brand. I can still remember how these products smell!

Image result for old spice shaving mug


Every single year I struggled with what to buy my dad for Christmas, but I always ended up buying him products from Old Spice.. it was always the safest option because it was guaranteed that he’d love it!

3. Girls World

We all used to have this when we were younger. There was honestly nothing more fun than going to a sleepover and all taking your dolls heads.

Image result for girls world 80s


We used to think we were qualified hairdressers when we got one of these to play with. I remember I really upset my mum one time because i tried to properly cut the hair off the girl… she was not happy that I’d just ruined my Christmas present!!

4. Shrinking crisps packets

If we were struggling for fun back in the day, then we found that you could actually shrink crisp packets in your oven.


Image result for shrinking crisp packets


Obviously we did this with parent supervision – but we then turned them into little key rings. So much fun!!