TEST YOURSELF: Can You Still Pass GCSE Science?

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TEST YOURSELF: Can You Still Pass GCSE Science?

By Angie on August 22, 2016

How were you at Science in school? Were you a brain box, teachers pet or reprobate who just liked to play with hydrochloric acid?

It has been many years since we were at school learning about the wonders of chemistry, biology and physics (and psychology if you can call that a science). We learnt everything from ‘photosynthesis’ (how a plant breathes) to the ‘earths gravitational pull’ (why we stick to it).

At the time this seemed like very useful knowledge and we all envisaged ourselves standing in front of a bunsen burner in our late twenty’s, wearing a white lab coat and looking for the a new antibiotic which would save the lives of thousands. This, for most of us was obviously a dream and unless you now work for NASA I am fairly certain no one has science worn a lab coat or googles.

What our teachers tried so hard to educate us on has likely faded into a distant memory and all those hours of revision, using this beauty below, were worthless.

At the time information came easily and we all considered ourselves science boffins (some of us more than others). Most of us loved science growing up because going to your science class was actually one of the best parts of your day, mainly because it normally resulted in some kind of explosion, chemical reaction or someone setting their school tie on fire.

We all have these memories, some very vivid. I remember my GCSE chemistry class Mr. Anderson, he asked all the students to place the litmus paper into the alkaline solution, so we all did. Meanwhile Jonny was in the corner unassumingly lighting his blazer with a bunsen burner, the fire alarm sounded and we all had to be evacuated onto the school fields. Needless to say Jonny missed a few PE lessons after that.


At the time we probably told ourselves that the fun and games was some kind of interactive learning, but more likely it is the case that this hindered our long term memory and all those chemicals on the period table have been forgotten. Some of you will still think you know it all, even after all those years of real working life. Some of you will tell your younger brothers and sisters that their GCSE exams are getting easier as the years go on and that you could ace them now if you sat in the exam hall with them.

But, how much do you really remember? Do you know enough to be able to pass GCSE science now! Or, did you just cram for the exam and forget it all afterwards?

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