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By Angie on August 22, 2016

Our first destination…

They say your first destination is vital. And in all honesty, you’d struggle to find a better one than Amsterdam.

The city offers enough to stimulate any human brain.

Beautiful landscape, world renowned museums, naked women, cheap weed and the ability to cycle almost anywhere.

We stayed in two places during our stay and both surpassed all expectations.

Opened earlier this year, The Student Hotel was our first stop, followed by two days in the cleverly designed CityHub.

To compare the two would be silly, as they are both extremely different, but what I can say is both made our stay amazing in their very own way.

The Student Hotel

TSHCredit –

TSH is moving into new realms of the hotel business. The hotel allows students to mingle with travellers, as it offers student accommodation as well as rooms for visitors.

The lobby is open to the surrounding community to come and study or eat in the hotels’ The Pool restaurant, and local businesses are welcomed into the common rooms for meetings and conferences.


Credit – 2guys1map

Rooms are spacious and house very modernistic designs, with a great kitchen area, and en suite bathrooms to suit your needs.


Credit – Kasia Gatkowska

They have links with Universities around Europe, arts groups, and hold over 3000 bikes on site that are available for all to borrow.


The hotel ethos is that ‘everyone’s a student’, and if you have have the correct mindset, and you’re willing to embrace new things, then this is the place for you.

In total, they plan to have around 40 sites all over Europe. So you’ll not struggle to find one, no matter where you’re looking. Make sure you keep an eye out for Eindhoven and Florence in the coming months.


Credit – Kasia Gatkowska

Why don’t you check it out The Student Hotel for yourself and see what you think?


CityHub looks into the future when it comes to accommodation. Its makers have embraced the digital age, and they have done it wonderfully. Upon arrival, you receive a digital wristband that controls almost everything you do in the hotel/hostel – even the beer tap.
CityHub ReceptionCredit – 

The design means no space is wasted, the pods are a lot more spacious than they look, and the CityHosts are on hand 24/7 to deal with all your needs. We stayed in both the upper and lower Hubs, and from our personal experience, the lower Hubs win. Its hard to put our finger on why, but it does!

CityHub PodCredit – 

If you’re out and about, and stuck for ideas of what to do, you can visit the CityHub app, where the CityHosts are on hand to answer any questions. Worried about having to find wifi – worry no longer; portable wifi boxes are supplied to all visitors!

CityHub Bed

Credit – 

Plans are in place to expand the extremely popular Hubs, with London and Rotterdam next on the list. Ideal for businessmen on a flying visit, or travellers planning a longer stay, its an experience that will stick with you forever.


Credit – 

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the CityHub website!

Amsterdam is ideal if you want to experience a lot of things in one trip. The city never sleeps.

With world famous Museums littered all over the Dutch capital, you’ll struggle to find one to settle on.

But not to worry, even if you opt for just one of the top three you won’t go home disappointed.

Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum all offer something completely different. But one thing they do all share is the history of The Netherlands, and that is evident throughout.

Credit –

The streets of the city are intertwined with canals, and despite nearly every mode of transport being on offer. The horizontal landscape makes bikes the most popular choice amongst the locals and tourists alike.

If you want a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city ‘Centrum’, Vondelpark is the perfect opportunity to get away. Beautiful sun struck ponds and gardens are perfect for picnics and general rest days.

The Dutch are very accepting. They were the first to legalise marijuana and magic truffles (or mushrooms as they’re better known).

You’re no longer allowed to smoke on the streets, but with hundreds of coffee shops across the city there’s no need. They offer experiences for all levels of weed smoker too.

Regular smokers can buy and roll as much as they like. But if you’re more of a “when in Rome”, or Amsterdam in this case, type of person, they also offer ready made joints – and even explain the effects they’ll have on you.

And believe me, they’re not usually far off.

By day, the streets are filled with performers. Dancers, jugglers and magicians all trying to earn a living, using their talents.

By night, the streets, or should I say windows, are filled with a different kind of performer. Prostitutes, offering any service you’re willing to pay for line the Red Light district in full view of passing tourists.

The area is extremely popular with visitors. Families with children, couples, and men looking for a quick 15 minutes (probably less) of fun come from far and wide to experience the district.

Red lightCredit –

But don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all Amsterdam has to offer. There is much more to this beautiful Capital.

To summarise, Amsterdam has something for everyone, and I can assure you; you will enjoy whatever that may be. Take the time to bust this beautiful city, even if only for a day or two.

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