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20 Foods We LOVED Eating In The 70s & 80s

By Ciara1 on April 19, 2016


What were your favourite foods when you were going up?  Were you partial to a pancake – you know, Findus Crispy Pancakes or did you like to crunch a Cabana with the three c’s filling, coconut, cherry and caramel!

Lick your lips as we take you back to a time when new convenience foods were getting us excited and the biggest decision we had to make was what to put into the 10p bag of mixed sweets!


1  Dolly Mixtures

The original boxes of Dolly Mixtures seemed to taste so much better than the ones today.


We used to get these as birthday presents from our friends who we were having a party when we were young.

2  Smiths Salt And Shake

Remember the little bags of salt so you could flavour your crisps exactly how you wanted.


They were a real novelty and certainly helped ales! They were great to munch on after a few pints weren’t they!

3  Quosh

I used to make up my own orange drink when I was about 4, standing on a stool to reach the tap!


No sugar or low sugar drinks didn’t seem to be around then. Before Lucozade was around, we had this stuff! it used to make kids so hyper my parents banned me from having it for a while.

4  Fizzers

We all loved a fizzes – little packets of sweets to keep in your school bag.


These and parma violets were at the top of my list. They were delicious and made a great treat for lunch time. Remember when you could go to the newsagents and buy a load of sweets for 10p? You’d never be able to do this nowadays!

5  Liquorice Torpedos

I used to go to the sweet shop to get my dad’s liquorice torpedoes, weighed out on the sweet scales.


You got a lot for a quarter pound!

6  United Chocolate Biscuit

We always had these in the brown flowered biscuit barrel.


Crunchy biscuit with a milk chocolate coating – we were all united in agreement that these were yummy!

7  Bitza Pizza

Shaped like pieces of pizza, I had these in my school lunch box.


I liked cheese and tomato flavour and licked the flavouring off first!  I was in pieces when they departed!

8  Yorkshire Mix

You can’t beat Yorkshire mix, fruit and mint flavoured assortment.


These were my grandpa’s favourite and he had a small white bag of them in his jacket pocket whenever we saw him!

9  Weetabix

Remember the advert from the Weetabix Skinheads – “you make it neat wheat mate! If you know what’s good for you” OK!!!


It made a healthy cereal cool!

10  Smiths Horror Bags

A tempting treat from Smiths – you could send off crisp tokens for your free scary mask!


Salt and vinegar corn snacks, great for after school!

11  54321 Chocolate Bar

Five different fillings in a bar – what could be better than wafer, fondant, rice crisp caramel and chocolate.



The advert had Manfred Man singing in the background.

12  Birdseye Beef Burgers

When these came out, we couldn’t get enough of them.


Lunch, dinner or anytime in between, this fast food was taking over Britain.

13  Bovril

Beefy extract which we used to have as a drink in the winter.


This jar really takes me back to my very young days!

14  Ovaltine

Milky bedtime drink that was always next to the PG tea bags in the cupboard.


It made you feel all cosy and warm!

15  Gold Nuggets

Gold Nuggets or Gold Rush, little nuggets of gum in a drawstring bag.


I think these were 15p!

16  Bar Six

A big, chocolate wafer bar with hazelnut and cream – I could just eat one now!


You could buy them from the chocolate machine outside our local sweet shop.

17  Angel Delight

A very 70s pudding – just add milk for a creamy dessert.

Angel Delight Butterscotch Mousse...B007J5 Butterscotch Mousse

It had to be butterscotch flavour for me!

18  Cresta Pop

It originally came in four different flavours, strawberry, lemon and lime, pineapple and orange.


I seem to remember blackcurrant flavour – I think this was added on later.

19  Arctic Roll

We thought these were really fancy when they came out.


We could hardly wait until they were defrosted to eat them!

20  Findus Crispy Pancakes

Fast food at its best for us kids.  Easy to make and scrumptious to eat!



Beef and Onion for me – how about you?

Did you enjoy Arctic Roll after Sunday dinner or were you more a Roly Poly and custard child?

Tel us what were your favourite foods and SHARE this with your family and friends. I hope you enjoyed this article 🙂